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January 2016

Barwon Heads and Flinders – a summertime coastal retreat

Melbourne is the first city that I’ve lived in that’s far enough away from the beach (and I mean real beaches, not where water meets sand, bayside), that a big chunk of the population ups and migrates to the coast for the summer. It reminds me in a way of the Manhattan glitterati decamping to the Hamptons. But probably not quite as highfalutin. Continue reading “Barwon Heads and Flinders – a summertime coastal retreat”

Duck confit at the City Wine Shop

Sometimes when you order a dish in a restaurant, what arrives in front of you is so perfect, so completely unfussy and deliciously satisfying, that there isn’t much that needs to be said about it. Continue reading “Duck confit at the City Wine Shop”

Paprika-marinated chicken with spicy Mexican salad and prosciutto

I get most of my kicks in the kitchen when I just wing it. It amazes me that unless I’m planning to cook something in particular, I pretty much buy the same things week in, week out when I go grocery shopping, but frequently come up with surprising new ways to put them together. Continue reading “Paprika-marinated chicken with spicy Mexican salad and prosciutto”

Gluten-free peanut butter and salted chocolate cookies

Ok, so I said that baking isn’t my thing, and it really isn’t, but when I saw this recipe I just had to give it a whirl. And since I’m currently on staycation, what better time than right now? Continue reading “Gluten-free peanut butter and salted chocolate cookies”

Gluten and sugar-free plum and cinnamon cake

I’ve never really been a baker, but I do love cake. And I really love it when another glutard comes over for lunch and brings a homemade gluten-free, sugar-free whole lot of cakey deliciousness with them. And that’s just what happened last weekend.  Continue reading “Gluten and sugar-free plum and cinnamon cake”

Fantastic roast chicken

Hands up if you overindulged in December?…and January…? I for one, am having an argument with my clothes every morning. It starts with me scanning my wardrobe for something to wear to work: those trousers won’t fit, neither will those, nope not that either, no, no, no… Can’t wear that beach kaftan to work, yoga gear is out, and then it’s back to the start to see if there’s something roomy hiding there that I missed… Continue reading “Fantastic roast chicken”

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