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Weekend on the Gold Coast

Winter in Melbourne is long, and this one has been tougher than most people can remember any being for a long while. So the prospect of a few days in Queensland for my nieces’ 2nd and 3rd birthdays at the end of October was made even more enticing by the idea of being able to relieve myself of jacket, scarf and other winter accoutrements that were still de rigeur in Melbourne at this time of year. Continue reading “Weekend on the Gold Coast”

Birthday weekend in Sydney

Well, it’s happened again… that time of the year when the calendar flips over to reveal not just a new day, but a new number of years that I’ve been kicking around. This one was one of those birthdays – not the ones with a ‘0’ at the end, but one of the ones in the middle. The kind that gives rise to a mild sense of panic that the next one with a ‘0’ at the end is not all that far away, and isn’t one that I am relishing the thought of. Continue reading “Birthday weekend in Sydney”


Autumn at beautiful Wilsons Promontory

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