I was waiting to cross the road the other day when I noticed a toddler on the opposite side trotting along holding his dad’s hand, squealing with delight at the sheer joy of walking. The little boy’s excitement ramped up a notch when they stopped at the lights and he got to press the button to activate the walk signal. It just gave him so much happiness. It made me think how incredible it must be to be so unjaded by life that such small things could provide so much jubilation.

I didn’t quite squeal with delight but I wasn’t far off when I had breakfast recently with my friends Andrew and Rowena at Square and Compass in East Melbourne. There were so many things on the menu that I wanted to eat, but because I had to pick one I ordered the pulled pork jaffle with Monterey Jack Cheddar and apple sauce. Oh my. The pork was juicy and packed with flavour, the cheese injected a dimension of creamy gooeyness, and the apple sauce was rich, thick and sweet dipping deliciousness. And this was with gluten-free bread.

Andrew had chilli scrambled eggs with bacon and Parmesan, and he was not sharing. Rowena ordered wholemeal carrot cake waffles with walnut crumbs and whipped cream cheese. They were so good that she polished off the lot, despite saying that she wasn’t very hungry, and made me wish I wasn’t a glutard (and liked walnuts!).

We were still beaming when we left, so I guess that little things can still be thrilling no matter how old we are.

Such happiness.