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Frittata of chorizo, mushrooms, kale and feta

On a recent excursion to the very excellent greengrocer where I pick up my weekly fresh foodstuffs, I went a bit cray cray with the kale and mushrooms. I’m not sure how many meals or people I thought I was cooking for, Continue reading “Frittata of chorizo, mushrooms, kale and feta”

Paradox Coffee Roasters – chorizo, kale and sweet pepper omelette

A guy walks into a cafe and orders a takeaway coffee. The girl behind the counter asks if he’d like any sugar and he replies, no. ‘Sweet enough already?’ she quips. ‘No, I want to stay bitter’ he replies. Continue reading “Paradox Coffee Roasters – chorizo, kale and sweet pepper omelette”

Melbourne breakfast, brunch and lunch – Square and Compass

I was waiting to cross the road the other day when I noticed a toddler on the opposite side trotting along holding his dad’s hand, squealing with delight at the sheer joy of walking. The little boy’s excitement ramped up a notch when they stopped at the lights and he got to press the button to activate the walk signal. It just gave him so much happiness. It made me think how incredible it must be to be so unjaded by life that such small things could provide so much jubilation. Continue reading “Melbourne breakfast, brunch and lunch – Square and Compass”

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