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Gluten and sugar-free plum and cinnamon cake

I’ve never really been a baker, but I do love cake. And I really love it when another glutard comes over for lunch and brings a homemade gluten-free, sugar-free whole lot of cakey deliciousness with them. And that’s just what happened last weekend.  Continue reading “Gluten and sugar-free plum and cinnamon cake”

Fantastic roast chicken

Hands up if you overindulged in December?…and January…? I for one, am having an argument with my clothes every morning. It starts with me scanning my wardrobe for something to wear to work: those trousers won’t fit, neither will those, nope not that either, no, no, no… Can’t wear that beach kaftan to work, yoga gear is out, and then it’s back to the start to see if there’s something roomy hiding there that I missed… Continue reading “Fantastic roast chicken”

King Island crayfish (actually, Southern Rock Lobster)

There is much to be said for generosity, and when I say ‘generosity’ I’m not speaking of handing out gifts or spending truckloads of money on others. I mean the spirit in which something is offered. Continue reading “King Island crayfish (actually, Southern Rock Lobster)”

Fusilli with smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes and marinated goats feta

If you’re like me and often cooking for a table of one, especially after a long day at the coalface, you just want something quick and tasty. That doesn’t make a lot of washing up. And you can eat out of a bowl in front of the TV…  Continue reading “Fusilli with smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes and marinated goats feta”

Weekend on the Gold Coast

Winter in Melbourne is long, and this one has been tougher than most people can remember any being for a long while. So the prospect of a few days in Queensland for my nieces’ 2nd and 3rd birthdays at the end of October was made even more enticing by the idea of being able to relieve myself of jacket, scarf and other winter accoutrements that were still de rigeur in Melbourne at this time of year. Continue reading “Weekend on the Gold Coast”

Gluten-free apple and raspberry pie – Fatto a Manno, Fitzroy

I think it’s fair to say that most people are keen to get a good deal. Whatever it is – buying a car, the weekly groceries, drinks at happy hour – getting your money’s worth makes things seem better. Continue reading “Gluten-free apple and raspberry pie – Fatto a Manno, Fitzroy”

Hipster fried chicken at Belle’s, Fitzroy

Cambodians love fried chicken. When I lived there we used to joke about it and call it KFC – Khmer Fried Chicken. They love it. With good reason – fried stuff stuff tastes good! They don’t have hipsters in Cambodia, but from the look of the crowd at Belle’s Hot Chicken in Fitzroy, any hipster would be right at home in downtown Phnom Penh, enjoying the gastronomic delights of the deep fried chook. Continue reading “Hipster fried chicken at Belle’s, Fitzroy”

Melbourne breakfast, brunch and lunch – Square and Compass

I was waiting to cross the road the other day when I noticed a toddler on the opposite side trotting along holding his dad’s hand, squealing with delight at the sheer joy of walking. The little boy’s excitement ramped up a notch when they stopped at the lights and he got to press the button to activate the walk signal. It just gave him so much happiness. It made me think how incredible it must be to be so unjaded by life that such small things could provide so much jubilation. Continue reading “Melbourne breakfast, brunch and lunch – Square and Compass”

Melbourne breakfast – one of the best in Fitzroy

I’d been unable to get the breakfast that I had eaten last weekend out of my mind, so on Sunday I went back to Archie’s All Day to see if the new season asparagus was back on the menu again. I’d been day-dreaming about it all week – the sweetest asparagus I’d ever had, with poached egg and hollandaise sauce – it was just simple perfection. Continue reading “Melbourne breakfast – one of the best in Fitzroy”

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